Pluto Gisella

Lipizzan stallion, b. May, 1999
1999 Evaluation Score 87.5%
2001 Evaluation Score 90%
2003 Evaluation Score 93.5%
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    106 Pluto III Platana
  Pluto III Fantasca  
    28 Fantasca
Pluto Gisella    
    442 Maestoso II Primavera
    Gaetana I

"Hank" just keeps getting better! First evaluated as a baby, he received the highest score in the biennial Lipizzan evaluations that year and we were justifiably proud. Due to their immaturity, foals are not judged on the full criteria and consequently, their scores are ordinarily higher than they will be in subsequent evaluations. So when Hank bettered his foal score when evaluated as a 2-year-old, we were thrilled and his score was again the highest of any horse evaluated. To receive permanent status, each horse must be evaluated at 3 years of age or older and I held my breath when we presented Hank in front of Dr. Oulehla for the third and last time as a 4-year-old in 2003. Imagine our delight when he again bettered his previous score and achieved the highest score ever given. Hank has now begun his training under saddle and will stand to his first book of mares in 2006. Contact us if you have a quality Lipizzan mare you're interested in breeding to this phenomenal young stallion. See his 2003 evaluation sheet below.


 2003 Evaluation Score

1. Conformation  
  a. head/neck 9
  b. shoulders/wither 9
  c. front leg 8
  d. back/loin 8
  e. hind leg 8
  f. frame/topline 9
  Conformation score 51/2 = 25.5
2. a. breed and type 9
  b. masculinity/femininity 9
  Total for Type 18/2 = 9
3. Correctness of Gaits  
  a. walk in hand 9
  b. trot in hand and free 10
  c. canter free running 10
  Total for gaits 29
4. impulsion and elasticity 10
5. temperament/obedience 10
6. overall impression 10
  TOTAL SCORE 93.5 %