Platana was trained at the Spanish Riding School where he was a performance stallion

Maestoso Platana 21*

Imported from the Spanish Riding School

b. April 11, 1981, Piber, Austria
2005 Breeding Fee $2000
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    Maestoso VII Capriola
  Maestoso Caecilia  
    27 Caecilia
Maestoso Platana 21
           Piber, Austria
    Pluto Basilica
  47 Platana-30  
    98 Presciana
2004 Breeding Fees
$2000 A.I. on Farm or Transported Semen. $300 non-refundable booking included. Collection and transportation of semen additional.
   Platana was foaled at the Piber stud farm and spent his first three years frolicking with his siblings in the Austrian countryside. From the scores of colts born each year, usually less than a dozen are chosen for training at the Spanish Riding School. In the fall of his third year, Platana was among that select group, leaving behind the idyllic life of his youth in favor of the halls of the Spanish Riding School. At the school he was assigned to Christian Bachinger, himself a third generation rider at the Spanish Riding School.
   The young stallions are evaluated after their first year of training and those that have not quite measured up are sold at that time. Platana remained at the School for eleven years, eventually becoming a Quadrille stallion - performing the steps and movements of the High School in School performances at home and abroad. When Christian Bachinger left the Spanish Riding School Platana became available for purchase and was first exported to Belgium. Later he was purchased in America and eventually found his way to Carrousel Farm, where he will spend the rest of his days.
   At Carrousel Farm Platana's duties have expanded. His talents under saddle are still utilized and very much appreciated but he is also ensuring the continuation of his line. The quality of his offspring and their scores in the biennial Lipizzan Evaluations speak for themselves.

Get of Maestoso Platana 21 & their evaluation scores

2001 Evaluations
Maestoso Tacoma, b. 2000 - (M. Platana x Tacoma) 78%
Millennia, b. 2001 - (M. Platana x Aurorra) 85%

2003 Evaluations
Millennia, b. 2001 - (M. Platana x Aurorra) 84.5%
Galactica, b. 2003 - (M. Platana x Gisella) 83.89%
Maestoso Aurorra, b. 2003 - M. Platana x Aurorra) 87.2%

2005 Evaluations
Millennia, b. 2001 - (M. Platana x Aurorra) 91.5%
Galactica, b. 2003 - (M. Platana x Gisella) 80%
Maestoso Aurorra, b. 2003 - (M. Platana x Aurorra) 88.5%
Graciosa, b. 2003 - (M. Platana x Sonata) 81%
Maestoso Aurorra II, b. 2005 - (M. Platana x Aurorra) 84.17%
Eroika, b. 2005 - (M. Platana x Tacoma) 87.5%
Maestoso Anya, b. 2005 - (M. Platana x Anya) 80%

Average for all offspring in all evaluations to date: 84.27%

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